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The best way to stand out in the story marketplace is to put out a well-crafted and highly polished manuscript. Unfortunately, that isn’t always financially viable. We all know that to succeed in our writing, editing is the one step we can’t skip on the road to publication. But, does it have to be so prohibitively expensive? No, it doesn’t.

I’ve been where you are; I visited all the editors’ sites hoping beyond hope that one of them was in my price bracket–and was skilled enough to do a good job. Alas, my search ended with my writing taking a backseat while I earned my Editing and Proofreading Diploma with distinction (150 CPD hours).

Sad face for the story people who live in my head. Big yay for you, and your bank account.

I aim to provide you with the best editing, proofreading, and beta reading service at an affordable rate.