Romance Beta Reading

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Getting a beta reader isn’t always on the list of ‘must haves’ on the road to publication, but it is a useful one.

Having an extra set of eyes on your writing before paying out for an editor can save you time and money. A good beta reader can help point out flaws in your story before you seek the help of a developmental editor, which in turn could reduce the time needed–and cost–of that edit.

Why Hire Me to Beta Read?

I’ve studied story structure since 2003 when I enrolled in UCLA Extension’s Writer’s Program for Feature Film Writing. In 2008, I graduated with distinction and continued my studies with advanced courses in screenwriting, and eventually television writing in 2010.

The point in telling you about my years in the Writer’s Program is to highlight the numerous screenplays I’ve beta read over that time. By reading fellow student’s scripts, produced scripts, drafts of professor’s books, I’m aware of the common errors that can crop up.

Also, as a reader and writer of romance, I understand the requirements of our genre (meet cute, sex at sixty, dark night of the soul, as so forth). Like most romance writers, I use Gwen Hayes’ Romancing the Beat as a guide.


With this service, I’ll give you honest feedback–the good and the bad. I won’t sugarcoat my thoughts, but I’ll also not be brutal–you worked damned hard on your MS, I’m not going to knock you down.

What’s included:

  • A one-page letter (max) on my overall opinion of your story
  • Inline comments on
    • Emotional impact (such as funny, heartbreaking, cringeworthy, swoon-worthy)
    • Unputdownable moments
    • Boring moments
    • Questions/confusing points
    • Plot holes

2019 Rate: £0.00094 per word (an 80,000-word manuscript would cost £75.20). I invoice through Paypal, 50% at the time of booking and 50% due at completion.

I Accept:

  • All heat levels of romance, the hotter, the better!
  • Yes, erotica is totally fine
  • BDSM
  • Menage+

I do not accept step or pseudo stories.

File formats accepted: Word, Pages, Scrivener, and Google Docs. Please ensure you’ve enabled me to edit your file, and that you keep a backup.

How to Order

Just fill out the form on my Contact page to get the ball rolling.