We’re often asked what we’re doing now, what we’re working on etc. and social media isn’t always the right fit for some updates. A now page is a great place to share those semi-regular updates.

Right now I’m:

  • Outlining books 1 to 3 of the Deniable Unit series
  • Slow outlining the intro novella for the Deniable Unit series
  • Slow outlining Thief novella series
  • Binge watching Bones
  • Counting down the days till Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back!
  • Working hard with my wonderful editing clients šŸ™‚
  • Wishing we still had some clootie dumpling left. šŸ˜„

N.B. Any links above are free of affiliate tracking codes and are not incentivised. I’ve added them to make it easy for you to check out the book/site/show I mention.